Saturday, August 14, 2010

At Long Last...It's Update Time!

Well, it's certainly been a while since I've posted something new here and today I have several new items to talk about. First on the list is two NEW records by Manson! The first is a full-length album called "Air". I've not heard it yet but there is a sample available over at Order Of ATWA's blog. It's a spoken word piece but I am assuming that there is also music on the actual album. Also, Holy Terror records has put out a 7" called "Inner Sanctum" that contains three tracks (the first of which is the title track of the full-length lp) for $7.77. Like I said, I haven't heard either of these releases yet but I presume they include new music as well as the spoken word since I've been informed by a friend close to Manson that he has access to his guitar again and is even giving lessons to fellow inmates. Another item of interest I recently ran across on the web is an art exhibition called "Man Son 1969". It is actually over now but, of course, it may tour to other museums. Either way the website is still up and it's worth a look. The exhibit was held in Hamburg, Germany so the site is in German but among the many artists on the roster were Joe Coleman and Kenneth Anger. Here's a blurb from

"The exhibition MAN SON 1969. The Horror of the Situation explores the lure and danger of extremes. It takes as its starting point a series of historical events in aesthetics and politics, lifestyle and counterculture that took place in the late 1960s. 35 international contemporary artists look back at the events of 1969 in the United States and Europe, and contribute works that deal with the far-reaching social transformations of that era. These contemporary positions will be juxtaposed with selected works from the museum's collections.
In 1969, the music festivals of Woodstock and Altamont were staged, one celebrating the spirit of love, the other ending in the violent death of a music lover. It was also the year in which man first landed on the moon and public opinion in America and Europe shifted against the war in Vietnam. Sharon Tate and six others were brutally murdered in Bel Air/Los Angeles. In two August nights, the killers from the so-called "Manson-Family" came from the Spahn-Movie-Ranch, an desolate place where American B-Western movies have formerly once been produced. In Germany, 1969 was the year that members of what was later called Red Army Faction (RAF) started a campaign to set free institutionalized children. With his biography in mind, Charles Manson himself could well have been a target of such a campaign – before he and his followers were to found a new American myth by trying to realize their own vision of a utopia of outcasts. "
And a link to the official site of the exhibit.

And finally, another item that was passed on to me by a friend. This one should tide you over until you get your hands on the new releases from Manson. This groovy little cassette release was called "ATWAR" and includes some stuff I'd not heard before. Four musical pieces and one spoken word piece. The description that follows is from the original uploader:

"Charles Manson - ATWAR (2010) Cassette -> 44.1/16 WAV -> Flac Image + Cue | 62 MB | RS Label: White Devil | WDPR-0301 | 2010 | US TRACKLIST 1: Musical Segment 1 (3:48) 2: Musical Segment 2 (11:21) 3: Charlie Speaks (1:52) 4: Musical Segment 3 (3:31) 5: Musical Segment 4 (4:35) Total Time: 25:07 Charles Manson was a songwriter and recording artist in the 1960s and wrote songs for the Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield and other musical ensembles. He recorded this project in September 1984 on a portable home device using a single microphone. The material is mostly alternative folk & country with both cover versions of country classics and also lots of original material. Released as an online edition in Flac format by White Devil Records."

Download ATWAR