Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Wit and Wisdom of Charles Manson (2-disc set)

This double disc set was passed on to me from JeremiahMacK5514. It's basically a compilation of interview segments over the years. I briefly scanned through it just now and heard a little bit from the Tom Snyder interview and a few others that were immediately recognizable. There also seems to be a couple of tracks of music sprinkled into the mix. Some strange club beats with samples of Manson's words and a couple of prison tracks that did not immediately ring a bell. Pretty much a random mix of wit and wisdom, as the title says, but it could serve as an introduction for those who aren't too familiar with Charles Manson. Much of this material seems to deal with the trial and such. For a better introduction to ATWA and his thoughts on subjects other than prison and the Family I would go for the double disc "Manson Speaks" compilation which can also be found here in the archives. Thanks to Jeremiah for the link and for giving us something new to post here.

Here's the blurb from the disc insert:

"The enclosed compact disc was ONLY released as a CD-R. This is a rare recording that was never mass produced or commercially released. This is a limited edition, individually made release. Less than 200 of these were made for collectors only. This CD-R is of rare material that will never be officially pressed by any record label and is ONLY available in this format. This CD-R is brand new and never played. We hope you enjoy the recording and thank you for your interest in this unique title."

Download (includes artwork although the tracks are not tagged)

**Link updated**

Wednesday, August 05, 2009