Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Saints Are Hell On Earth

01. Boxcar Willie (3:00)
02. Mountains On My Mind (1:45)
03. Computer Brain baby (5:15)
04. Jigger Jam (2:13)
05. Dreamer Man (3:26)
06. Kamikaze Dreamer (7:00)
07. Little Kids (5:47)
08. Old Muleskinner (2:41)
09. Summer Road (13:16)
10. Hello To My Friends (4:59)
11. To The Colors (8:13)

Recorded 1983 in San Quentin prison, California. Charles Manson sings and plays guitar. This recording was made under imperfect conditions and smuggled out of San Quentin prison. Technical limitations will be apparent.

Download "Saints Are Hell On Earth" (2009) @ Sharebee


Nicotine Milk said...

Where'd you get this? Order of ATWA? This is great! I especially like the "Sonny, Sony" on "Kamikaze Dreamer." I'm only halfway through this, but I'm enjoying it a lot. Good stuff. Great find.

Great Job!

wankular said...

Thanks a lot for putting all this great stuff up. I'm new to the site so needless to say I've spent the past week combing every inch of the archives. Thanks again!

gobacktogo said...

Bought it from TPOS, was unaware of it being the original release of the "San Quentin" tape. A little disappointed it wasn't anything new, but it's nice to have it to complete my collection.


Nicotine Milk said...

Word, Dan. I caught the "I'm on Fire" in there as a part of "Summer Road." Very interesting none-the-less. Are those toilets flushing in the background? Anybody else hearing that?

Again, thanks for the upload!

Psyche Zenobia said...

What happened to "Rebirth Movement" Dan? Are you working on a new mix?

gobacktogo said...

I can't talk about it, but things are in the works.


. said...

Thanks a lot for this!

Nicotine Milk said...

Do do dooo... dum da dum dummm... do dooo do do...

Anonymous said...

Little Kids is one of my favorite songs of his. Close to Me is a close second. I actually like the music like this alot better than the songs on Lie and the more well known ones.
Thanks for sharing, awesome stuff. Amazing website

Anonymous said...


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Demis CousCous said...


Phil's a fool for turning this one down. Apparently Charlie has contacted him about recording together...

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