Thursday, February 05, 2009

Universal Soul: A Selection of the Very Best of Charles Manson 1967-2009

Well I dug this up from a torrent on Pirate Bay, made by Yamashita Riki. It included a compilation which I'd never heard of before, and it was actually put together (artwork and all) by him. The following is directly from the artwork:

The Charles Manson "Universal Soul" Selection is a compilation of songs form various albums between 1967-2005. Thirteen songs were selected to represent the "Very Best of" the music of Charles Manson, as an easy introduction to first time listeners. "Thirteen" was also selected because it symbolized the infamous "Cell 13" which Manson once resided during his prison stay. A reminder to strive to be free from the "prisons of our minds". Best regards to fans both new and old - keep living it "All The Way Alive" - Yamashita Riki (20070713)

01. Angels Fear To Tread
02. Close To Me
03. Down In Dixieland
04. Dream Train
05. Eyes Of A Dreamer
06. Home Is Where You're Happy
07. I'm Free Now
08. Invisible Tears
09. Look At Your Game, Girl
10. My World
11. She Done Turned Me In
12. Sick City
13. This Night Life

The songs presented here are meant to serve as an introduction to the music of Charles Manson. This compilation does not reflect the expressed opinions of ideas by the official organizations representing Charles Manson, nor is it a definitive representation of 'the very best of'. This album had been introduced to widen greater appreciation and acceptance of the music of Charles Manson, without any intention of profit. It was compiled and remastered out of pure love, gratitude and appreciation. No copyright is implied and this album should never be sold. If you wish to support Charlie, please do so by purchasing one of his albums from or visit

No real "new material" on this compilation, but I feel it deserves a place here. So at least all us collectors and fans can get our fill, since I know we're terribly starved for new material.

Download "Universal Soul" (2009) @ 192kbps

Enjoy, and don't forget to comment!


Maxtherieper said...

Hey, at first thx for the cool Blog, have a Question - Hows thenPsychedelic Soul Of Charles Manson [Remastered] Version, is it really Remastered?, it would be Great to have the second part of the 67 Session(allthewayalive) Remastered in the way Unplugged Vol1 is...

gobacktogo said...

Well the torrent didn't include a "remastered" version of it, I just downloaded this album.

Feel free to download the Psychedelic Soul in the torrent and see for yourself.


Psyche Zenobia said...

Looks like a decent introduction. Thanks for finding and posting it, Daniel. If anyone is interested in another introductory compilation, I put one together that you can also find here in the archives.

As far as a remastered "Psychedelic Soul", I think as close as you're gonna get will be the "Summer of Hate" thing (HATE the title). I think it's only missing one or two tracks. They only number up to 18 but, if you notice, several are on one track. Still, you can tell that all they've done is a little tweaking with Audacity or something and it's not from the original tapes. I don't think a remaster from the originals exists as of yet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan! (Manson Music Blog)

Just wanted to apologise for the carelessness on my part. I really meant no ill-intent with uploading that torrent. It was a personal collection which I had compiled based from Demonoid and namely your site (and corresponding ones) over a period of time. I'm a great fan as I've mentioned on TPB:

"This is one of the most up-to-date, complete, and well tagged compilations that I've put together from various beautiful people. My thanks to them."
asean1984 at 2009-01-10 14:47 [TPB]

I had archived it and out of the spur of the moment decided to upload it to share to whoever. I was careless not to have mentioned your blog as it is one of the best sources online nor did I include any other details other than the album list and general information.

I would be happy to include any text on the torrent file page that can assist in promoting Manson's music and its community. Just let me know. I wouldn't mind helping with any graphics/design as well.

Also, it is a real great honour that you have featured that compilation album I made for my friends on your blog. Thank you!

I hope that the community here can forgive my lack of hindsight on my part and perhaps utilise this given opportunity to promote the greater appreciation of Charlie's music.

Best regards!

Anonymous said...

This torrent was actually part of my own private archive of music gathered from Demonoid and this blog. I wasn't planning to upload or share it, but for some odd reason I just felt this new year's urge to do so. Whoops, got myself into trouble there, sorry Dan!

For the "remastered" version it is not much different, what I meant was that I played around with the volume and adjusted it so it was easier to listen to.

Anonymous said...

@Psyche Zenobia
Yes, that's correct with regards to the audio adjustments. The title is misleading was actually meant for personal reference to differentiate Dan's original upload. I used Adobe Audition to adjust, normalise and ensure it sort of fit easier listening (on my part). Not professionally done, I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

Oh by the way, the "All The Way Alive" album reminded me of the movie "Citizen Shane", a documentary any Manson fan should watch:

(^^) Yay, I designed the poster that was featured there. I was really touched by the documentary and the life of Shane. It inspired me to design that.

FYI, the "Pseudo" All The Way Alive album was compiled when I couldn't find the album and decided to make a mock version for my own collection.

gobacktogo said...

Hi Yamashita,

I also apologize for coming down on you sort of hard, now that I talk to you I see you meant no disrespect by it whatsoever.

It's just a lot of work goes into collecting these albums, but I can see all you wanted o do was get it out to a wider audience.

Any help in promoting the blog is much appreciated though, as well as any design work you might have is always welcome. You could send it to my email: and I can pass it along to William.

I'm not asking for anything like track by track credit, but I think that adding a link to the blog in the description would be thanks enough.

Cheers, and again I apologize.

Psyche Zenobia said...

No big deal Yamashita. I recognized your pic just now and that you have been a follower of MM for a while now. Just try and remember to give us a link in the future. I started this thing about two years ago with the intent to simply post what I had and collect all that I didn't have by Manson. It's grown quite a bit in that time and I've discovered a lot of things I didn't know existed. Still, it is a lot of work to keep up with and promote so any help is always appreciated. I was just about to fold it up (or at put it on indefinite hold) until Dan offered to help out here. I know he's put a whole lot of work into finding new stuff to post here, especially since he got onboard after all the easy ones had already been found, haha!
Anyway, thanks for following the blog and for your excellent compilation. If you have any artwork or other Manson links you'd like to contribute just shoot us a comment or email Dan or myself.

Maxtherieper said...

@ yamashita

Thx for the info... and the compilation

could you please upload your "remastered" Version of the psychedelic soul on megaupload or so... would be great, dont want to download the whole 2Gb..

short last question:
is there a quality difference between the
One Mind [Manson Direct Release]
and the normal one?

thx man


Saw that Citizen Shane Doku a year ago.. very interesting, think he was the first one releaseing the 67 session...

mpaul26 said...

Hello Psyche, Dan,

A simple question: who owns/ has custody of the master tapes of Manson's two known pre-arrest sessions and the post-arrest Family recordings?

More B.B? Please?


Psyche Zenobia said...

It would appear that ESP-Disk have the current "rights" to the early sessions. They have released a version of Lie that also includes much of the material from the Psychedelic Soul session. I don't know as far as the Family Jams stuff goes. So many people just jump on it and release their own versions that it makes it difficult to tell. Here's a link to the ESP release.

By B.B. I'm guessing you mean Bobby. He has an official website and I think his publishing is called White Dog Music. I've not seen much of his stuff around, though, other than "Lucifer Rising". And honestly, I don't really care for what I have heard of his prison stuff. I'm sure you can locate some of it, though, if you just do a google search and under advanced search type

Rezelnuss said...

Well, thats very nice. Thank you for this blog ! Charles Manson is a real gem in my music collection !

Nicotine Milk said...


This is clearly missing the greatest track of all time...

"I'm Doin' Fine/Stars/Friends"



Psyche Zenobia said...

That's one of my faves, too!


Dan and William,
I have noticed several questions raised on this blog relating to Manson's Music regarding the rights and other matters relating to the unusual circumstance of his musical material which has been released to the public.

Charles Manson retains full rights to all of his recordings including 'Lie' and the Family Jams recordings of the Desert Music. The Music on what became 'Lie' was passed on to be released by the folks at the ranch and no contract was ever signed by Manson to pass those rights to any record label or third party.

As far as the prison recordings Manson has always entrusted his music in the hands of his close friends and allies-those the music was created for. None of the music recorded in prison was ever intended for commercial release, it was recorded to communicate to loved ones.

Most of the releases of Manson's music have been poorly done and should be considered bootlegs.
'The Summer of Hate' is a good example, someone is making money of of that and they were not granted permission to do so. The title reflects this example of exploitation and as everyone who has listened to the album knows there is nothing hateful anywhere on the album. The album never has had a proper release and this is why it has been bootlegged so many times. The only endorsed version of those recordings is 'All The Way Alive', which is of course incomplete. I received a copy from the original 10 years ago and the plan was to release it as 'Rebirth Movement'' with rare photos from '67 and '68. This never happened and the project has not been a priority although the formula was set. If someone wanted to release a proper version I would be happy to pass on my materials.

Another example of a poorly done bootleg is 'Live at San Quentin' which was supposed to be called "Completion' . It was recorded at Vacaville. The cover, which mimics a Beach Boys album is sort of a slap in the face after the Beach Boys ripped him off and burned (supposedly) his recordings. Manson is very original and deserves better than these covers that mimic the Beach Boys or the Beatles (or the title 'Unplugged' which was a popular show on MTV in the 90's - a rather stupid title since all of Manson's recordings are 'unplugged') gimmicks are included in all of those releases which is not giving Manson the respect he deserves.

My personal favorite recordings are the ones which have not been released, the one's which are more abstract, some even contain sound manipulations and effects - turning of the dial on the radio amidst the closing of iron gates echoing down the tier - which sound like thunder, songs in spanish, poems and parables, stories of highlanders and thieves and the consistent call to ATWA.

Universal Soul looks good but I have to tell you all - you haven't heard 'the best of'. I like the cover.

--''No real "new material" on this compilation, but I --feel it deserves a place here. So at least all us ----collectors and fans can get our fill, since I know --we're terribly starved for new material.''

Are there any 'collectors and fans'' out there willing to work hard to make the best release ever happen? If you are ''terribly starved'' you can do the work (which you are obviously capable of doing) which will earn you new music. Interested? Let me know.

Hay Hay

P.S. you have not posted anything about the unreleased track on the official Manson music Myspace page it is the only thing released since 'One Mind'.

the Music of Charles Manson

Psyche Zenobia said...

Thanks for your comment. I've heard the track you mentioned on Myspace. Didn't know where it came from. I always felt it was wrong to make money off of Manson or anyone else's music. That being said, I would love to hear that experimental stuff and any other unreleased music he has floating around out there. I don't have to resources to do anything beyond putting it up here to share with the fans of his music. I've expressed my distaste for titles like "Summer of Hate" before and I'd love to see his music done justice in a respectful release. Especially one in which he somehow gets something for it. I doubt he would care if it the money for such a release went to helping animals or the environment. Not just padding pockets of bootleggers.

Anyway, thanks again for you words and for visiting. And if you're feeling generous you can always drop us a few unreleased tracks!


gobacktogo said...

Hello, this certainly was an interesting thing to here! I'm frantic having the thought of unreleased recordings out there.

But like William said above, I too do not have the capabilities to issue anything officially. I would however be willing to create artwork, and make the recordings into an "album" of sorts. Then that way we could post it here.

It's all up to you though, if you feel they'd be better left in a vault that cool. There is tremendous interest in them, just so you know.



I'll send you a proposal via e-mail. Please send me an email to write you at.

Nicotine Milk said...

What's with all the takebacks? What's going on here exactly?

Anonymous said...


travone said...

I love this album. The eyes of a dreamer and Look at your game girl. are some of my favs. I listen to them and they mean so much. Theres also some comedy in his music. I think everyone needs to hear this.

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yamashita riki said...

My heart is broken that Charlie has passed on today. Keep his inspiration alive. Fight the illusionary world.