Thursday, February 05, 2009

Universal Soul: A Selection of the Very Best of Charles Manson 1967-2009

Well I dug this up from a torrent on Pirate Bay, made by Yamashita Riki. It included a compilation which I'd never heard of before, and it was actually put together (artwork and all) by him. The following is directly from the artwork:

The Charles Manson "Universal Soul" Selection is a compilation of songs form various albums between 1967-2005. Thirteen songs were selected to represent the "Very Best of" the music of Charles Manson, as an easy introduction to first time listeners. "Thirteen" was also selected because it symbolized the infamous "Cell 13" which Manson once resided during his prison stay. A reminder to strive to be free from the "prisons of our minds". Best regards to fans both new and old - keep living it "All The Way Alive" - Yamashita Riki (20070713)

01. Angels Fear To Tread
02. Close To Me
03. Down In Dixieland
04. Dream Train
05. Eyes Of A Dreamer
06. Home Is Where You're Happy
07. I'm Free Now
08. Invisible Tears
09. Look At Your Game, Girl
10. My World
11. She Done Turned Me In
12. Sick City
13. This Night Life

The songs presented here are meant to serve as an introduction to the music of Charles Manson. This compilation does not reflect the expressed opinions of ideas by the official organizations representing Charles Manson, nor is it a definitive representation of 'the very best of'. This album had been introduced to widen greater appreciation and acceptance of the music of Charles Manson, without any intention of profit. It was compiled and remastered out of pure love, gratitude and appreciation. No copyright is implied and this album should never be sold. If you wish to support Charlie, please do so by purchasing one of his albums from or visit

No real "new material" on this compilation, but I feel it deserves a place here. So at least all us collectors and fans can get our fill, since I know we're terribly starved for new material.

Download "Universal Soul" (2009) @ 192kbps

Enjoy, and don't forget to comment!

Monday, February 02, 2009

A Couple Of Things

Been a little short on Manson material here as of late. Many of our regular visitors have probably noticed it's been quiet but that's because of a lack of new stuff to share with you. If you haven't been here much, look through the archives and you'll find nearly every single recording out there. We've got the major albums plus singles, alternate versions, Family Jams, and other related albums. Not to mention interviews and the like. I'm sure we'll come across something new for you soon.
In the meantime, I can't help but direct you to Digital Meltd0wn where I've released my new effort. Subduction is an experimental music project I've been working on with my friend and collaborator, Ian Briscoe. This had nothing to do with Manson but I think at least some of you will dig it. The album is called "Bad News From The Inner Solar System" and explores several different avenues of musical endeavor. The sound was created using a mixture of vintage synths, homemade syths, theremin, stylophone, tape loops, samples, and more. You can check out Michael's review at DM or just go ahead and download it here if you like.

Digital Meltd0wn

Download Subduction