Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Summer Of Hate: The '67 Sessions

01. Devil Man
02. The More You Love
03. Two Pair Of Shoes
04. Maiden With Green Eyes (Remember me)
05. Swamp Girl
06. Bet You Think I Care
07. Look At Your Game, Girl
08. Interview
09. Who To Blame
10. True Love You Will Find
11. My World
12. Invisible Tears
13. Night Life
14. Sick City
15. Run For Fun
16. The Empty House Of Tomorrow
17. Close To Me
18. She Done Turned Me In / Twilight Blues / Your Daddy's Home

Well this is the 09/11/67 sessions which have been recently packaged in numerous ways, and while "The Psychedelic Soul Of Charles Manson" is what I believe to be the whole entire session, in the correct order. The incredibly poor sound quality of that disc ruins it (for me at least). That's why if I want to hear this material I always reach for this disc instead.

Put out in 2007 in Germany by the Arte Lupo label, I can't say I really care for the title of it, but the quality of the disc itself makes up for that. It's about as close as we can get at this time to the entire 09/11/67 sessions released with a good quality sound mix.


Download "The Summer Of Hate: The '67 Sessions" @ VBR


pokerface said...

Yeah just waiting on this one,
As i was playing Psychedelic soul, last night.
Should be another interesting listen.

Also if anybody has the full track listing of the double album Psychedelic soul of Charles Manson
do post it up,

gobacktogo said...

I have one, a tracklisting I'll post it when I get home. And I'll hopefully have a working download link to post, I had to leave to work before I could upload it again.


pokerface said...

Yeah that will be nice if you have all 22 track listing of psychedelic soul

gobacktogo said...

Yeah I do, I'll post it up once i get home.


gobacktogo said...

New link is up, sharebee seems to be down again so I used mediafire instead. It's fast, but if the link gets deleted I'll upload it again on sharebee.

Here's the track listing for Psychedelic Soul:

01. Forgotten Dream
02. Sick City
03. Can You See
04. Big Iron Door
05. Home Is Where You're Happy
06. Let's Do The Monkey
07. Ego
08. Interlude
09. The Empty House Of Tomorrow
10. Dollar A Day / When You Are Gone
11. Close To Me
12. She Done Turned Me In
13. Twilight Blues
14. Devil Man / The More You Love / Two Pair Of Shoes
15. Interlude
16. Maiden With Green Eyes (Remember Me) / Swamp Girl
17. Bet You Think I Care
18. Look At Your Game, Girl / Interview
19. Who To Blame
20. True Love You Will Find
21. My World / Invisible Tears
22. Night Life


L_N_K said...

i agree, i dont care for the name either. i remember talking with psyche and we both agreeing, the full recording session should be remastered. wonder why is hasnt already.

pokerface said...

I just adore that Charlie Manson Spinal Tap moment.
When Charlie is strumming this beautiful piece of music.
Then after He is asked what its called.
Swamp Girl, is His reply.

By this time im on the floor killing myself laughing

wildpatrick70 said...

I am a big fan of your site. I have a myspace page called myspace.com/cultofcharlie . I would like to put a link to your blog if that is OK with you. My site has no death vibes and does NOT promote "helter skelter" in any way. Thanks... get back.

gobacktogo said...

Absolutely wildpatrick70, posting a link to site would be much appreciated by myself & William.

Promotion of the blog really is the way to keep it going.


Anonymous said...


Psyche Zenobia said...

Thanks for that tracklist, also, Daniel. Mine wasn't tagged right. This is pretty much the entire session remastered, I guess. Especially when you consider that three songs are on one track. Thanks for posting.

J Arthur said...

Saw several pages back where you thought you might take this blog down. I'm glad you didn't, as I just found it today. I've been fascinated with Manson since first reading Helter Skelter in the late 70s. The stuff on this blog is awesome.

I'm not able to dl some of the prison recordings from a few pages back. Have the links gone dead? If so, do you think you will be re-upping them anytime soon? (especially Live at San Quentin and Way of the Wolf).

Good work.

J Arthur said...

I can't DL Way of the Wolf, Live at SanQuentin and a few of the others a few pages back. Any chance you'll be re-upping them soon? Or am I just doing something wrong at Megaupload?

Psyche Zenobia said...

The links are still active. Go to the May 08 post where all the albums are listed and click on "Live at San Quentin" or "Way of the Wolf". It will take you to Megaupload and you just type in the three letters it gives you. Thanks for visiting!

Jack said...

I love you guys.

Ed Wood said...

Great stuff! great downloads . Marvelous work, I love all that Manson Music. Please, keep on the road with this amazing blog

gobacktogo said...

I'm glad you enjoy the work that goes in to it
But don't worry it's not going anywhere; there's just a big lapse in content at the moment.
Seeing as it's more or less up to date with everything available (a few exceptions but damn are they hard to track down!)

Once (or if) new content comes out it'll be here, or if I can track down some of the releases I'm still looking for...

Cheers, happy 2009

Anonymous said...

There's also another version of the "LIE" album that came out on Diplomat Records called:

"LIE" Charles Manson Terry Melcher Sessions

There are 26 songs on this CD and it covers a wide array of material.

Track Listing:

01) Empty House of Tomorrow (1:10)
02) Ego (2:36)
03) Your Home Is Where You're Happy (1:11)
04) Struggle (0:31)
05) Arkansas (2:33)
06) I'll Never Say Never To Always (0:41)
07) Garbage Dump (2:35)
08) Look At Your Game, Girl (1:42)
09) Don't Do Anything Illegal (2:54)
10) Sick City (1:27)
11) Cease To Exist (2:14)
12) Now Is The Time (1:35)
13) People Say I'm No Good, Cardboard Houses (3:21)
14) Close To Me (1:31)
15) Big Iron Door (Clang Bang Clang) - (1:06)
16) I Once Knew A Man (2:36)
17) Run For Fun (2:53)
18) Ego (2:30)
19) (Do) The Monkey / Lock & Loll (2:50)
20) Mechanical Man (3:19)
21) Your Home Is Where You're Happy (1:32)
22) She Done Turned Me In (1:04)
23) Twilight Blues (1:19)
24) Your Daddy's Home (1:20)
25) Look At Your Game Girl (2:03)
26) Eyes Of A Dreamer (2:34)

This seems to be the only CD where the song "Close To Me" appears and it's one of my favorites.

One of Manson's best in my opinion.

oceanwave said...
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oceanwave said...

it's good but the album title didn't do it for me.

88 said...

was this actually documented as Sept 11, '67 or just another lame attempt to perpetuate connection of 'terrorism' in US

johnnie said...

could you re up the 67 sessions??

irishxhooligan said...
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irishxhooligan said...

the link is broken please help need this one to compplete it all

Anonymous said...

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