Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Summer Of Hate: The '67 Sessions

01. Devil Man
02. The More You Love
03. Two Pair Of Shoes
04. Maiden With Green Eyes (Remember me)
05. Swamp Girl
06. Bet You Think I Care
07. Look At Your Game, Girl
08. Interview
09. Who To Blame
10. True Love You Will Find
11. My World
12. Invisible Tears
13. Night Life
14. Sick City
15. Run For Fun
16. The Empty House Of Tomorrow
17. Close To Me
18. She Done Turned Me In / Twilight Blues / Your Daddy's Home

Well this is the 09/11/67 sessions which have been recently packaged in numerous ways, and while "The Psychedelic Soul Of Charles Manson" is what I believe to be the whole entire session, in the correct order. The incredibly poor sound quality of that disc ruins it (for me at least). That's why if I want to hear this material I always reach for this disc instead.

Put out in 2007 in Germany by the Arte Lupo label, I can't say I really care for the title of it, but the quality of the disc itself makes up for that. It's about as close as we can get at this time to the entire 09/11/67 sessions released with a good quality sound mix.


Download "The Summer Of Hate: The '67 Sessions" @ VBR