Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Vids And More!

A while back when we had a promo making spree here I got some really cool submissions and they keep coming! These are two that I recently received from Gobacktogo and L_N_K. They are even better than the ones from the contest so I'll use them as needed. They also seem to be getting some hits on Youtube. The above pic is a scan I took of one of Manson's original business cards that was sent to me by George and Sandra before the original ATWA site went down back in 2000 or so. By the way, I'm not familiar with a "Summer of Hate" release from sessions in '67 but it sounds like it could be the "Psychedelic Soul" stuff under a different name. You can look through the blog archives and the links should still be up for that one. If there is some unique material included on that release I would be glad to post it here. As far as "Death Dealers" goes, it's interesting but I don't ever reference murder here and I don't want to include things that glorify that aspect of Manson's history. It's all about the music and words of Charlie, himself, here and I don't think he'd dig being included on something called "Death Dealers". I do appreciate the link, though, Daniel and check your email. I sent you something. Anyway, enjoy the vids everyone!


gobacktogo said...

Thanks for that scan, I wish I had a card myself. That's a great item!

Thanks again for inviting me to be an author, made my day.


L_N_K said...

nice scan, thanks. to bad the original atwa site went down. thanks to "internet archive" people can still view it. i have it linked on my blog. it seems "" is offline for a little while to. check out "". thanks for posting the promo video.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

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