Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Never Learn Not To Love

Well this will be my first post on here, as some may not know Psyche has graciously invited me to join as an author for the blog, which I am honored to do.

What I have uploaded here is a compilation I've been working on for a little while now entitled "Never Learn Not To Love". It is a collection of recordings by artists; all of whom cover a song written by Charles Manson. So no Charlie himself isn't found on these recordings, but his words are.

It took me a good amount of research and searching to track down these 8 tracks but I think it's a cool idea, and it'll be nice for fans to hear other artists' takes' on these songs. Artist features on this compilation include everything from The Lemonheads to The Beach Boys, so it really contains a variety of music styles.

Thanks to bob who helped me remember to add "Arkansas Revisited", it's in there now...hopefully I didn't forget any other obvious ones.

The artwork was also designed by me, and it's really just something I threw together in a few minutes, nothing real special but it gets the job done.

Well enjoy, and don't forget to comment!

01. The Lemonheads - "Home Is Where You're Happy"
02. Psychic TV - "Always Is Always"
03. Red Kross - "Cease To Exist"
04. GG Allin - "Garbage Dump"
05. Guns N' Roses - "Look At Your Game, Girl"
06. Marilyn Manson - "Sick City"
07. The Lemonheads - "Clang Bang Clang"
08. The Beach Boys - "Never Learn Not To Love"
09. The Brian Jonestown Massacre - "Arkansas Revisited"

Download "Never Learn Not To Love" @ 256kbps


gobacktogo said...

By the way, sharebee isn't working that great right now. Neither the rapidshare or megaupload links transferred.
The zshare & badongo links did though, so there shouldn't be any trouble getting the album.


L_N_K said...

cool to see you were invited to the blog, you were a member since you first posted those rips. keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Theres also 'Arkansas Revisited' by The Brian Jonestown Massacre

gobacktogo said...

Shit you're right!
I meant to add that one too, I have a vinyl copy and everything. They do a great job with "Arkansas"
Well when I get home I'll revise this and reupload it.

Sorry about that...

gobacktogo said...

Okay, I've added Arkansas Revisited. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Anonymous said...

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