Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Son of Man

Finally, a completely new record to post here! This vinyl rip of "Son of Man" was given to me by gobacktogo, a visitor to the blog. Side A of the record is music recorded in prison while the B side looks to be simply some artwork cut into the vinyl. Very interesting find! I'd not heard these recordings before so, suffice to say, they gotta be pretty rare, ha! Charlie seems to be in a pretty mellow mood here and drifts from groove to groove as he is want to do. The roughly twenty minute recording has a very dreamy atmosphere similar to some of the more chilled moments on "Way of the Wolf". Here is the link that gobacktogo generously sent me and another to the art for the album, which is not included in the zip file.

Download "Son of Man"



LNK said...

thanks alot!! really appreciate all the work your putting in on this site.

Psyche Zenobia said...

Thanks! It's comments like that that keep this blog alive.

alexov said...

Privet, Psyche Zenobia! Spasibo za to, chto ti delash'! Ya nachal sobirat' vse, chto tol'ko svjazano s Charlzom Mansonom, 10 let nazad, kogda vpervie uslishal ego golos na albome Blood Axis "The Gospel Of Inhumanity". S teh por u menia est' video, audio, teksti i mnogoe drugoe. Tvoj blog ochen' pomog mne! Spasibo! If you don't understand this, don't worry. I don't speak English, but I simply want to tell you, that you do great job! Thanks!

gobacktogo said...

Hello again, Psyche Zenobia.

My copy of "A Taste Of Freedom" has finally arrived! It feels great to finally hear the disc, even if I expected a little more from it. It is still a really cool disc. I've uploaded it on sharebee w/ artwork and I'll add below the description from the liner notes if you want to use that when you post it.


Liner notes: This CD is recorded phone conversations between Charles Manson and a trusted friend. Hear Charlie speak on Christian and Muslim interactions, the Holy Spirit, world peace and more. Recorded in late 1990 and early 2000, it is a window into the timeless dynamic NOW of Charles Manson.

At time startling in the lucidity of their depth, but still warm and casual these conversations touch on many subjects including the American Civil War, raising children, surviving on the land, world peace, ecology and Charlie's own personal history. These dialogues open an unbridged window into the thoughts and feelings of perhaps the most important figure of the post modern era. Charles Manson, unfiltered and unfettered by media interpretation or presentation speak to the humanity within us all.

Enjoy!, hope I'm helping keep this blog alive.

Psyche Zenobia said...

Thanks man, I think I was just as excited about it as you! I've been waiting to see when you upload it. I'll post it tonight. Do you have "Fear Power God" yet? I've been salivating for that one, too. Thanks again for your help with the blog.

Easy out,


gobacktogo said...

That's good that you like it, I'm happy to help. Fear, Power, God I don't have right now, I did have a vinyl copy but as I said I sold it a few years back.

I'll pick another one up if I see it around, but it wasn't anything to great really. There was only 1 Manson speech track on the whole thing. Other included Allen Ginsberg & Henry Rollins. It's nothing special like A Taste Of Freedom is (IMO).

I'll keep you posted if I come across anything though...


Anonymous said...

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