Friday, October 24, 2008

Manson Music Promo Videos

Got our first submission! It's from Gobacktogo. Check it out!

Here's our second. It's from ADSLINK. Nice one man, thanks!

And another! This one from Styxhexenhammer3. Good job!


Jack said...

Not bad for "sort of a piece of shit," seriously. I liked the chronological order of things. Nice work. I create cartoon animations... And it'd be fun to do one in the style of a music video for one of Charlie's songs. I'd need time though, and between school and work... It's slim pickings. However, I'm looking forward to any other submissions, and, with a little luck and time, making my own.

I noted you guys were swapping your own music groups earlier. I got one called "The Intergalactic Fetus Kazoo," but we're such a pile of shit that I'm not even going to bother with the myspace exchange. Believe it.

Anyway, thanks for keeping the blog alive. I find myself checking it impulsively sometimes. I'll be looking out.

Psyche Zenobia said...

Thanks for commenting, Jack. I'd love to see an animation if you can find the time. I work and go to school, as well, so I know how hard it can be to make time for your own stuff. Hopefully, though, we can get some more submissions soon. Just thought I'd try and liven things up a little by getting some input from visitors.

gobacktogo said...

here's ADSLNK's, it gets my vote!

Solomonopoly said...

I'm still looking for a copy of that one song, Man's Son.

Here are the lyrics:

Man's Son

Now I'm lookin' right here, inside myself
I've got my eyes closed
I'm looking backward through my brain
Thinkin' about what I'm thinkin' about
Wonderin' if there is an insane
Talkin' about a whisper
Whisperin' in my mind
Talkin' about forever
Beyond illusions of time
Talkin' about forever and ever and ever
Beyond all illusions
Faith so hard is mine
And I was just a man's son
And I was any old one
Of a million million million
in the minds of all I see

Infinity, infinity

Noise has come to my ears
From some television
In the skies of mind
Televisions in the sky of blind
Television reruns and reruns and reruns
All the time
World is just in my lonesome
child's mind, all the time
If you had no time
You'd have to be right now
The world's spinning around in space
Spinning around on my face
Take the place of a race
That's already been won
Things are in perfection
when you see
Things are in perfection
soul to see
All is all and everything you
could love or be
All is now and now is all
in my heart can you see

I cannot find this anywhere, please help. You will be rewarded kindly.


Anonymous said...

I actually just found this blog through that second video on Youtube. I did a quick search for Manson's music and it popped up.

Thank you so much for making this blog. I am a complete novice to Manson so this is all new to me.

A quick question: In that Brian Jonestown film, DIG!, there's a DVD extra where the singer is playing one of Manson's songs with the lyrics, "you could feed the world with my garbage dump". What song is that?

Sorry if you've been asked that before.

Anonymous said...

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