Friday, October 31, 2008

A Decision Has Been (sort of) Made!

Ok, I guess I should go ahead and make a decision here. I think I'm going to go with the video submitted by Styxhexenhammer3, although I actually liked them all. I'll probably end up using each of them at some point or other so please don't delete them from your Youtube vids, guys. Ok?

Also, in the comments of the last post (one with the vids) a visitor called Solomonopoly is looking for a song. I can't place it off hand but if any of you can help, please post an answer for this visitor. He (or she) has listed the lyrics but they didn't actually say it was a Charlie song. I didn't recognize it, myself. It's called "Man's Son".

Friday, October 24, 2008

Manson Music Promo Videos

Got our first submission! It's from Gobacktogo. Check it out!

Here's our second. It's from ADSLINK. Nice one man, thanks!

And another! This one from Styxhexenhammer3. Good job!

Manson Music Needs Your Skills!

After finding some videos on YouTube that people had put together using Manson songs (some of which even included the url for this blog at the end of them) I got an idea. I'm sure there are some visitors here who have video editing skills. I would love to see what you can do given a challenge, or at least an idea for motivation. So, I thought I'd ask if there is anyone who would like to put together a sort of video advert for the blog. The only rules are:

1.) use a song by Charlie
2.) include the url and name of the blog, and
3.) please don't reference murder or put any gruesome pictures in the video.

Think of it as something that can be posted on blogs and forums to let people know this place exists so people who have an interest in Manson can come and find his music. I can't offer any sort of prize or anything but I'll post all your videos here so everyone can see them and then I'll pick the one(s) I like the best and use them to promote the site. Sound good? Ok then, let's see what ya got! You can submit them to me by sending me by uploading them to Youtube or any other such site (Daily Motion, Guba, Veoh, etc.) and send me the link at or you can send them to me at my profile on YouTube.

**By the way, Demis, I need your email address if you want me to contribute to your project.**

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Quick Note About Comments, Etc.

I appreciate all who visit and and leave comments but I must ask a favor from you all. No matter which post you are commenting on, could you please leave your comments under the most recent post. It just makes it much easier for me to find them and to get back to you if you have a question. I don't get any email alerts telling me when someone leaves a comment and, as it stands, I have to dig through each individual posts' comments to find which ones are new. Therefore, I sometimes don't even see them until they've been there for a week or two. So, if you can just leave them under the most recent post then I can just check there regularly and communicate much easier and quicker.

Also, I just wanted to say I appreciate those who've begun "following" this blog. In case you haven't noticed, I've included a "follow this blog" widget in the sidebar at the right of the page. If you want, you can click on it to follow the blog and keep current with changes and new posts as they occur.

One more thing! I'm posting right now over at Digital Meltd0wn for their Halloween Countd0wn 2008. If you've never visited, DM is a top notch blog run by a good friend of mine. There is a boatload of great albums there for download and right now we are posting horror and Halloween oriented stuff in anticipation for my favorite holiday. Come on by and check it out. I know it has nothing to do with Manson but I thought you all might be interested since, obviously, you have good taste, haha!

Thanks for stopping by and let me know if there's anything you need re-upped or anything else you would like to see here.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Taste Of Freedom

Well, finally here it is! I've been searching the world over for this one for a couple of years now really. Thanks to Gobacktogo for uploading it for me and for our new banner here. Your help is much appreciated in keeping this blog alive. This is, I believe, the most recent "album" by Charles Manson. It's actually phone conversations so it's more of a spoken word kind of thing. I don't know if we'll see another musical release anytime soon since I believe he is still without access to a guitar. Anyway, here is a quote from the liner notes from the release to give a little more insight into what this record is all about. Enjoy!

"This CD is recorded phone conversations between Charles Manson and a trusted friend. Hear Charlie speak on Christian and Muslim interactions, the Holy Spirit, world peace and more. Recorded in late 1990 and early 2000, it is a window into the timeless dynamic NOW of Charles Manson.

At time startling in the lucidity of their depth, but still warm and casual these conversations touch on many subjects including the American Civil War, raising children, surviving on the land, world peace, ecology and Charlie's own personal history. These dialogues open an unbridged window into the thoughts and feelings of perhaps the most important figure of the post modern era. Charles Manson, unfiltered and unfettered by media interpretation or presentation speak to the humanity within us all."

Download "Taste Of Freedom"

***By the way, I've included a "Follow This Blog" gadget to the right of the page here. If you come here regularly or think that you may in the future, click on it and join our little circle.***

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Son of Man

Finally, a completely new record to post here! This vinyl rip of "Son of Man" was given to me by gobacktogo, a visitor to the blog. Side A of the record is music recorded in prison while the B side looks to be simply some artwork cut into the vinyl. Very interesting find! I'd not heard these recordings before so, suffice to say, they gotta be pretty rare, ha! Charlie seems to be in a pretty mellow mood here and drifts from groove to groove as he is want to do. The roughly twenty minute recording has a very dreamy atmosphere similar to some of the more chilled moments on "Way of the Wolf". Here is the link that gobacktogo generously sent me and another to the art for the album, which is not included in the zip file.

Download "Son of Man"