Thursday, September 18, 2008

Geraldo Interview

I believe I've posted the audio version of this interview here already. If so, it should be in the archives. Still, I don't think it was unedited so here you go. This is part one of the famous Geraldo interview. It's in seven parts so you can either watch them here if they pop up at the end or go to Youtube and finish watching it there. Here's a link to the profile of the person who uploaded it so you can find it in their videos. Fully unedited, this is a actually a really good interview in spite of Geraldo's combative attitude. He spends a good deal of the time trying to goad Manson into saying things that sound crazy or violent. All that aside, though, it's a long interview and Charlie gets to say a lot of things that you may not have heard. He actually tries to be very clear and concise. No music here but I just thought this would be of interest to anyone who has never seen the unedited version.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Beach Boys - 20/20

I've been keeping an eye out for this one for some time now. Although I'm not much of a Beach Boys fan, "20/20" is the album that includes their cover of Manson's "Cease To Exist". The song is altered quite a bit, though, with changes to the lyrics and arrangement. Still, it's certainly interesting in a historical sense and provides a new perspective on the scene of the time for anyone who hasn't heard it (which is pretty likely since this isn't one of their most popular records). Actually, the rest of the record isn't bad, either. Anyway, for what it's worth, here you go.

Download "20/20"

By the way, if anyone can fill my request for Manson stuff that's not posted on this blog just drop me a comment on the most recent post. I'm looking for:

A Taste of Freedom
Fear Power God (a comp. featuring Manson, LaVey, and others)
and anything else you don't see here.

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