Monday, August 04, 2008

In Response To A Question

Someone asked in a comment about a new release of "Lie" with an extra bonus disc. Actually, it's called "Charles Manson Sings" on ESP Records. A fairly new release, it's probably still available. This is what Wikipedia had to say about it:

"Digitally remastered combination of Lie and 12 of the 13 tracks on All the Way Alive."

Link to the article.

Since both of those albums are already here I won't be posting this release, though it sounds like a good buy if you don't already have those two.


Govert2000 said...

Check out 'White Label/Stupid' by (2many dj's) on the cd 'As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt.9'. Sure you'll like it. It's not known who made it since it's released on a white label with no information-probably something to do with rights.

Psyche Zenobia said...

I'll try to find it. Do you have a link?

Govert2000 said...
At least you can listen to it. Not sure if you can download.

psychpsycho said...

Psych Psycho - Chuck Roast (CD PROMO)

Psych Psycho - Cosmike (CD PROMO)

Psych Psycho - Nightmares

Psych Psycho - Unreleased Tracks 3

Anonymous said...

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