Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Charles Manson Superstar

A friend found this link on Google video and sent it to me. "Charles Manson Superstar" is a documentary/interview film made by Nikolas Schreck, husband of Zeena LaVey and (at least one-time) member of the Church of Satan. As you can imagine this film has a quite different editorial point of view on Manson and his life. Schreck's stated purpose is an attempt to dispel many of the rumors surrounding Charles Manson and "the Family". I owned a copy of this on VHS for years and I'm glad to get it back. In spite of the sometimes cheesy and all too serious voice over narration, this is probably the best film on Manson I've ever seen. The interview is about as uncensored as you're likely to ever get and Schreck is quite thorough in presenting the story and showing Manson as a multi-dimensional personality rather than the bogeyman he is usually portrayed as in more mainstream interviews and films. He really just lets him talk and the majority of the editing choices seem to be made for continuity rather than to manipulate his words. So, if you've never seen this film I highly recommend it.

Friday, May 09, 2008

"One Mind" Released Under Creative Commons

Apparently the album "One Mind" has now been released under a Creative Commons license. This is the same album that I took down from here about a year ago due to a complaint from Manson Direct who claimed ownership of the album and told me that it was the only one of his records which was "official". I don't really know what to make of this just yet. Here is the article I found and I've embedded a player with the entire album that I also discovered today. I'd call this one of the better of Manson's prison recordings and a damn fine album but go ahead and give it a listen if you haven't already and judge for yourself.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

I thought I would make the albums a little more easily accessible here for those of you who may be new visitors to this blog. Below you will find most of the major albums listed with the download links. Of course, these are still posted separately in the archives and by clicking on the months in the sidebar you can find individual posts and reviews for each. There are also some things that I've posted that are not included here such as interviews, anthologies, and albums by people related in some way to Manson. All of these links are still active as of today and include album art where applicable. Just thought I'd put the most popular and definitive albums in one place but feel free to explore here and check out the other albums and videos.

Psychedelic Soul
two disc set of early studio recordings
Part 1

Part 2

Manson Speaks
two disc set of spoken word pieces

Live At San Quentin
one of the most popular prison recording albums

The Family Jams
the complete recordings of the Family sans Charlie produced during the trial
Part 1

Part 2

The Way Of The Wolf
my personal favorite of the prison albums

a very good prison release including classics like "Hallways of the Always"

White Album
the "Lie" album coupled with disc one of the Family Jams

Indestructible Spirit
a compilation I put together as an introduction to Manson's music