Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Family Jams

This is the double album, The Family Jams, recorded in 1970 or so by the members of the family who weren't in jail at the time. The first part of this album was also released as "The Family Sings The Songs Of Charles Manson" and also as the second part of "The White Album" ("Lie" being the first part).
A great and rare find for collectors and completists, this version is a different mix than "The Family Sings..." but it's not as good as far as sound quality goes. The first disc, if memory serves me well, is a little diffferent than the other versions, but it's the second disc that makes this set such a great find. Disc two is full of alternate versions and outtakes from the sessions plus some remakes of songs originally appearing on the "Lie" album. Thanks to my friend James "Eutha" Woody for turning me on to this one.

Download Family Jams disc one (51.2mb) link updated
Download Family Jams disc two (78.1mb)


Psyche Zenobia said...

I've updated the link for disc one as of tonite.

cossgrove said...
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cruise_elroy said...

hey, any chance you could update the links again?
and thanks for everything, this site is much needed and much appreciated!

Psyche Zenobia said...

which ones?

Dan said...

Can you upload Family Jams disc 1 & 2 again please, the links don't work any more. Thanks!

Dan said...

Doesn't matter about Family Jams, I found it here - http://endlessmike101.blogspot.com/2005/10/manson-family-family-jams.html

Benn said...

Any chance of getting a re-up of disc 2?

ymjon said...

hey great site. could you please re-up Family Jams disc 2.



FrankM said...

Dunno if you're still reading these comments, but if so - do you have any idea where I can see the contents of the booklet that accompanied the Family Jams album?

I'd like to see the artwork, and am also interested to know if the play list has details of who sings/plays on each track.

Any help much appreciated.


Astro said...

High! It seems that link for Family jams number two doesn't work either... would you care to update it too?

Astro said...

High! It seems that link for Family jams number two doesn't work either... would you care to update it too?

. said...

any tracklist available for this?


psychpsycho said...

Psych Psycho - Chuck Roast (CD PROMO)

Psych Psycho - Cosmike (CD PROMO)

Psych Psycho - Nightmares

Psych Psycho - Unreleased Tracks 3

Anonymous said...

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