Thursday, September 28, 2006

Manson Speaks

A double album of Manson's spoken word. Stories, prose, poetry, conversation, and improvisation
from the mind of Charles Manson. I've looked for this album for quite some time. There's not much to say but listen to this album if you really want a glimpse into the mind of the man, himself. Charlie covers a lot of ground here. Completely unedited, of course. This one was also passed onto me from the same visitor to the site that gave me the link for "One Mind". Two discs from one link.

Download Manson Speaks (180mb) 

One Mind (removed at the request of the record label)

 This is, as far as I know, the most recent album by Charles Manson. It was released in 2005 in a limited edition with some nice packaging including cover art by Manson and excerpts from letters in the liner notes. Very worth having an original and you may be able to still get one from Incidentally, they also have re-released "All The Way Alive", which I believe was a remastered and abbreviated version of "Psychedelic Soul...". I tried to order one from People's Temple Records a while back but my money order was returned and I was told that the man who ran the label had passed away and their were legal matters preventing them from selling his records. "One Mind" is pure gold. Seventy-five minutes plus of Manson's latest songs, poetry, and spoken word improvisation. This link was passed on to me from someone who visited this blog and saw my wish list. It's very much appreciated. . . and now I pass it on to you.

Edit: Sorry, this link has been removed at the request of and

Live at San Quentin (re up)

This album is one oldest and probably most accessible of Charles Manson albums next to "Lie". Manson seemed to be in pretty good spirits through most of this recording, playing happy jazzy chords and doin' a lot of Scatman type bebop vocals. Includes the track "My Feeling Begins To Growing" which was used as the title cut on the documentary film, "Charles Manson Superstar" (which I highly recommend btw). If this link is down let me know and I'll upload it fresh.

Download Live at San Quentin (71.3mb)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Family Jams

This is the double album, The Family Jams, recorded in 1970 or so by the members of the family who weren't in jail at the time. The first part of this album was also released as "The Family Sings The Songs Of Charles Manson" and also as the second part of "The White Album" ("Lie" being the first part).
A great and rare find for collectors and completists, this version is a different mix than "The Family Sings..." but it's not as good as far as sound quality goes. The first disc, if memory serves me well, is a little diffferent than the other versions, but it's the second disc that makes this set such a great find. Disc two is full of alternate versions and outtakes from the sessions plus some remakes of songs originally appearing on the "Lie" album. Thanks to my friend James "Eutha" Woody for turning me on to this one.

Download Family Jams disc one (51.2mb) link updated
Download Family Jams disc two (78.1mb)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Way Of The Wolf (re up)

In my personal opinion, this is probably the best of the prison recordings that I've heard. "The Way Of The Wolf" is thirteen tracks and clocks in at about an hour long. "Oklahoma Angel Love" is a sort of tribute to influences like Lefty Frizzell and Woody Guthrie while "Red Snake" is full of rememberances of the day at Spahn Ranch. "ATWA" delivers the message of ecological revolution while the next track, "Universal Law", runs the gambit of emotions and introduces us to characters like "Straight Razor Sammy and Ice Pick Mike". There's an Indian war chant (with participation from other inmates and makeshift drums) and even a couple of funny tracks at the end where Charlie tells a story about a dog to another inmate and has some fun with a guard. Good sound quality, too, and a rare find. I scored this one off of Ebay a few years back.

Download Way Of The Wolf (90.6mb)


One of the best of the prison recordings of Charles Manson. This one was put out in 1994 in honor of Manson's 60th birthday and includes some truly beautiful songs like "Peace In Your Heart" and "Hank Williams". Recorded at Vacaville in the early 80's, it features some really neat improvs and a spoken word introduction. I often have wondered if Roky Erickson was familiar with Charlie's music, the way he strings together so many words in a phrase and still makes them fit in the songs, I can't help but think he was an influence.

Download Commemoration (68.5mb)

White Album (Lie plus The Family Sings)

Here we have what is sometimes termed "The White Album". It's really two albums, "Lie" and "The Family Sings the Songs of Charles Manson". "Lie" is definately the most famous of Manson's releases. It was originally released during the trial to drum up support and raise a little money for the family. A decently recorded album, it features Charlie on lead vocals and guitar with cameos by many of the family. Every song is a classic and this one is the best starting point for anyone interested in the music of Manson and Family but who doesn't know what to download first.

"The Family Sings..." was originally released in 1970, I believe. It features many members of the family including Steve Grogan on lead vocals with backup vocals by Red, Blue, Ouish, Gypsy, Brenda, and more. A really cool album, indeed. Professionally recorded and loaded with good songs. It actually kind of has a gospel feel to it with the choir of girls and children and the trade off vocals.

Both these albums comprise this download and both are well worth it. Especially for free. Enjoy and spread the Love.

Download the White Album (97.9mb)