Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Psychedelic Soul of Charles Manson

I guess I'll kick off this blog by posting one of the most obscure of all Manson recordings, "The Psychedelic Soul of Charles Manson". These are the original demos that Charles Manson did with Terry Melcher and Dennis Wilson (Beach Boys) that started it all. These tracks predate the infamous "Lie" album and feature a very shy Manson running through some classics like "Sick City", as well as some otherwise unheard pieces. The real gems, though, are the covers. There's an old cowboy style song (with a twist of course) and a version of Willie Nelson's "Night Life".

The recording quality isn't the greatest but this album is a priceless peek into Charlie's mindset in the late 60's. The tape rolls as Manson jams and shoots the shit with the people in the room through two full cd's worth of material. You'll hear stories, jokes, rants, and spirtual philosophy. Just Charlie, a guitar, and those present in the studio (including a couple of the girls but I don't know which ones). A must have for any fan or collector.

I've been fascinated by the man and the myth for a long time now and I know how hard it is to find these things. Many of these records are very pricey when you can find them and, as much as I'd like to have all the "originals", I don't think it's right to profit from him or the legend that surrounds him. I do think, though, that a lot of myths can be dispelled and a lot can be learned from listening to his recordings and these are some of the reasons why I am putting these out for free here. Enjoy!

Download Psychedelic Soul:
Disc One Download (69.8MB)
Disc Two Download (53.4MB)